Abdul Majid Nasratyar                                                                              Abdul Majid Danishyar


Abdul Majid Nasratyar


Founder’s note:

It was early 2007 when we got into think about establishing the university. It was the mid of the same year when this brainstorm took us to the Ministry of Higher Educations and late that year, an initial agreement was signed for university’s establishment documentation. We named the scientific institution “ARIA”, a name beyond the region.

ARIA allocated a page in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education’s golden pages for itself in early 2008. Young generation both boys and girls of the mainland approached ARIA taking their pens and papers. By the time, ARIA influenced people more and more. It struggled to become a better platform for the sake of suffered children of Afghanistan. It was included into its policy that we are here to serve, ARIA has nothing to do with race, prejudice, religion and wrong politics. ARIA is a land of human beings. Humans who tend to change, form and raise.

ARIA settled to its permanent destination after seven years, embraced its children and hosted thousands of youngsters who always wished to study. ARIA’s children have influenced each and every home at the city and wrote that “ARIA is the ladder to knowledge, capacity and rise” to the valleys of the country with bold letters. This way, it topped the young generation’s educational choice list. With this, ARIA’s responsibilities increased. Yes, it indeed is difficult and complicated, but with Allah’s grace and the powerful hands of the serving generation of the country, this educational ship will move slowly, slowly in storms until it reaches where it witnesses a knowledgeable and literate nation, prosperous country and progressive and civilized society,

ARIA Thinks for a Better Future!